Full service brand management in the Black Hills

Emerge or Evolve your Brand

I love small businesses and adore people working towards actualizing the dream through passion. I believe in a simple approach to materializing new brands or elevating existing ones: clear, attractive communication to cut through the noise and appeal to your customer directly. I develop brands that are fueled by strong design and strategic thinking.

The Plan

We begin by defining the purpose and potential of your brand. Putting what experience you want your customers to have at the forefront of the message paired with powerful design and imagery. We will create a strong first impression and will establish your reputation. The process starts with research, developing the message tone, creating visual direction, and ends with a well style aesthetic resulting in a rememberable brand.

Design + Photography
We will work closely to curate imagery that will create a polished finished look. By using beautiful photography with design, you will present yourself as an industry leader. 

Whether your business is ready for an elegant e-commerce website or you’re just needing a brochure site, your online presence will be robust and avoid experience gaps. We will work towards seamless online experience that will keep creating positive interactions with your customers. 

Social Content:
I create shareable content that will carry your polished look. Keeping people involved online will increase repeat business and build brand loyalty. I can either provide you with the materials you need. If your time is best spent elsewhere, I’m happy to schedule and push content for you. 

I personally feel that you are the best ambassador for your brand. Responding to comments, reviews, and messages in-house is quicker and cuts out confusion. Keeping in touch with your audience is valuable feedback that will ultimately help you with customer experience. 

For those looking for aggressive social media tactics and online marketing, I partner up with some talented ladies to move mountains. I’m a big believer in filling in gaps with those who do it best. You’ll have a team of experts all working together to help you meet your goals…often doubling them. 

Let’s Connect

Thank you for showing interest in working with me. If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment, filling out the form and let me know what your goals are. Before taking on clients I do like to find a time so we can chat to make sure that we’re a good fit for one another .

Kora Kassmeier  – Owner/Designer

   k@kora.design (no “.com”)
hours   Monday -Friday

Ginny H. – Client Manager

   client@kora.design (no “.com”)
hours   Monday -Friday

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